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The importance of the dining area

October 22, 2020 2 min read

In History

The Dining Room can trace its conception all the way back to the beginnings of organised civilisation with the ancient Greeks. There was an understanding of the importance of a dedicated area in which the family could enjoy good quality time with one another over a delicious meal and warm atmosphere. This is a sentiment that hasn’t been lost over the preceding thousands of years…

Even today in popular culture time and time again we see the act of dining - around a table, supported by the comfort of some beautiful dining chairs - shown as a real leveller regardless of a person’s experiences or beliefs. Whether it be a momentous and hard-fought business deal coming to a head or some old friends meeting for a catch up - people like to 'break bread’ This expression means more than just eating. It is a significant event that fosters some meaningful connection and cooperation and no better can this be done than  within the confines of the dining room accompanied with some good food, which is how we like to imagine breaking bread. 

It couldn’t also be understated as to the importance of the dining room to a fledgling family. It has become a widely known fact that families who manage to factor time in their busy lives to eat together at the table can really help children and young people develop an appreciation for a healthy eating pattern and cultivate stronger communicative patterns. 

Modern dining and the age of social media

Recently, with all the new ways a person can share the intimate parts of their life its almost become custom to try and express yourself in every room in the house. With each room offering a new opportunity to wow guests (and followers) with a bold choice of theme and an eye for detail and quality. So when you walk into somebody’s house and see their dining set, it will tell you a lot about the person and the home that you have come into. The various dining chair and table options may offer the prestige of a modern design or the cultured taste of a more traditional choice. 

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